Organic High Strength Hemp Extract in an Organic Chocolate bean

choose from 4 strengths of CBD per bean (2mg, 5mg, 8mg or 20mg) and buy through your nearest Ambassador 

What people are saying about cannabeenz...

"I tried a 2mg bean at Holistic Health at the NEC in the UK and by the time I got back to the train station half an hour later, my pain had gone. That's why I had to sign up to become an Ambassador and I earn from chocolate!

Chantelle Hudson

"I started taking the beenz for chronic aches & joint stiffness but I also now have more energy and no hot flushes. I take a 2mg delicious morsel of Hemp Extract chocolate a day and am happy like the Cannabeenz! That's why I've become an Ambassador"

Paula Newton

They are delicious and I take them for FIbromyalgia. I especially love the Orange Flavour Hot Chocolate. When a cheeky lump of chocolate falls out of the pouch, it would be rude not to eat it as it is! In fact, I need to order more please."

Kaye Lane

They are simply moreish, with no Hemp taste at all. And helps my daughter with anxiety for her University exams plus Sports Blend for post all her sports events. I'm so impressed I am now an Ambassador too and am earning from it."

Natalie Butler

some cannabeenz chocolate facts:

  • Hemp Extract is more bioavilable in chocolate than any other medium, according to current scientific research (March 2019).
  • Our products are Organic AND Vegan
  • We sell through Cannabeenz Ambassadors, so click to buy and find your nearest seller. 
  • We eat our beenz every day ourselves so we make sure they contain only fabulous ingredients! 
  • Our Hemp Extract is certified free of over 200 contaminents (see our certificates in FAQs)
  • Almost 100% of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradeable
  • and most of our all organic minimum 70% chocolate is from a co-operative (which means far more cash stays locally than for fairtrade ingredients)
  • if you suffer Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Dementia, MS, Fibromyalgia, Menopause, Exam Stress and more it might be worth giving Hemp Extract a try although we make no claims for the efficacy of Hemp Extract in any Health Condition.

Our Hemp Extract Chocolate range includes:

  • cannabeenz - Hemp Extract chocolate beans in 4 strengths - 2mg / 5mg / 8mg & 20mg per bean (all organic & vegan)
  • cannameltz - Hemp Extract Hot Chocolate in 2 flavours (average 2mg CBD per serving) all organic & vegan
  • cannablocz - Hemp Extract cooking chocolate (all organic & vegan)
  • CBD-elicious - our 140 page cookbook on how to add Hemp Extract chocolate to almost every meal

why just eat chocolate when you could be earning from it?

we only sell through our Cannabeenz Ambassadors so be a part of the Hemp Extract revolution!  Hemp Exract is THE fastest growing sector in the world and predicted to be for the next minimum TWO YEARS.  Chocolate is the second fastest, so combine the two with us and  join our team.  To build your business with us, CLICK HERE to find out more.

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